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Lovely Violent Things

Lovely Violent Things

He’s the devil. And she’s his wicked game.
Book two in the Hollow's Row series.

The night I gave in to Kallum Locke, I sold my soul to the devil. Now that devil has returned for me, a daemon siphoning off what soul I have left.

The Harbinger killer has descended on Hollow’s Row amid an active case, where I’ve been hired as a consultant to profile two killers. One offering gruesome sacrifices to obtain an ancient philosophy, and the other a bad omen from my past.

A dark truth hovers at the edge of my memories—but is it real, or a trick by the chaos magician himself, meant to trap me in his web of lies and corruption.

Kallum is too consuming, his clashing green-and-blue eyes staring into my depths, demanding I feel the frenzy he teased from my soul.

I have to escape him.

I’ve tasted Halen St. James, my muse of heartbreak. I’ve sank my teeth into her tender flesh, lapped at her tears, marked her as mine…

So I’ll be damned if I let her go now. Not this time—not when I’m so close to revealing our truth. It’s easy to be tricked when you believe your own lies. And, oh, how my little Halen loves her pretty lies.

She’s obsessed with naming me the killer. She’s afraid of me, but I’m not the danger she should fear.

The moth is attracted to sweetness—and my little Halen is the sweetest damn thing.

Halen needs her big bad villain to protect her.
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